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Thoughts creates reality

For the past three decades, Ifrach Ben-Zvi Studio has been a warm home for architects, designers and private clients who wish to transform the projects they are entrusted with and the homes they live in into a conceptual, practical and experiential living environment.

The bright and spacious studio is located in the heart of one of the quiet and pastoral neighborhoods in Ramat Hasharon and provides a glimpse into the creative world, full of boldness and passion of Ben Zvi and David Ifrach, which only continues to develop and intensify as the years pass:

Already near the end of his design and architecture studies, Ben Zvi was appointed as a partner in an architectural firm in Tel Aviv, but he soon chose to focus on the field that excited him the most - product design and furniture planning. Since he founded the studio, he is in charge of the planning and design of the items and his uncle oversees the development and production stages, which are carried out by a team of craftsmen, in the adjoining workshop. Together they plan and create a wide range of solutions for private, public and commercial projects; From decorative partitions and iron profiles for doorways, through libraries, kitchen cabinets, bath and wall, dining areas, seating systems and living room furniture to outdoor kitchens and dedicated furniture for the balcony and garden.

We advocate careful planning, the examination of functionality and human engineering, and the adaptation of the furniture to the plan determined by the client and/or the project planner, then the creativity and design that give the item its final configuration are added. As part of the creative process, we invite you to be full partners in the process and accompany the development and production stages from the sketch stage to the final execution stages. This way you too can meet the furniture at any point in time, control the palette of colors and materials and provide your own interpretation in order to best fit the given space.


This is the place to develop your thoughts into out-of-the-ordinary solutions that we will produce from the best materials in a wide variety of unique techniques and technologies. In our opinion, a fruitful and genuine dialogue with you, the customers, is the key to creating better and more accurate items - furniture with an impressive design presence that will be useful sculptures in the space. Hand in hand we will create conceptual items from nothing, with a distinct design-architectural statement, from unique, natural, industrial and sustainable materials including train sleepers, wine barrels and recycled wooden parts dismantled from train cars and European castles, various metals in various finishes, glass, fine fabrics and processed leathers natural.


Ben Zvi, David and the studio team

Ben Zvi & David צריבה_edited.png

נעים להכיר

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